FREEDA Cup 2016

Travelling around Oz

Riding a bike around Australia is an amazing way to see the country, the culture and the people. We want to make this experience memorable for all the right reasons.

Australia in big, really big. The whole of Europe easily fits within its borders. The continent has two climate zones. Southern Australia has your four typical seasons Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring. We suggest Autumn and Spring is the best time of year to travel the region as Summer is hot and there is the threat of bush fires and Winter is cold and wet: no fun when you’re on a bike. Europeans recognised two seasons in the north of Australia (Indigenous People count up to six) the Wet and the Dry. Needless to say it rains in the wet, doesn’t in the dry. You could also add in “the build-up”, that time before the rains come. You would be best to plan your travel in the Top End of Australia in the Dry Season. During the Wet Season, roads can be cut at very short notice, even the bitumen ones, and the build up heat is oppressive and no fun at all. Remember Central Australia is desert, so days can be perfect but the nights very cold.

Best months to tour Southern Australia – March, April, October, November
Best months to tour Northern Australia – April, May, June, July, August

But with a little planning and some local knowledge you can tour both the South and North of Australia and have an enjoyable experience.